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E-waste Initiative Kenya

Turning E-waste to E-Wealth

We Care for the environment

We take Responsibility to keep our environment clean

Green environment

Re-cycle -Re-Use Re-duce E-Waste

We do exchange programs

We take our partnerships seriously on official matters



      • Develop appropriate activities related to different e-waste collection

      • Improve current e-waste management practices in the informal sector by gradually formalizing their activities

      • Reduce environmental impact compared with current methods used by informal sector through training.

      • Increase e-waste recycling levels through community participation and awareness

      • Develop cost effective methods of recycling and refurbishment e-waste for the informal sector

      • Create sustainability of e-waste management methods by using innovative ICT solutions and bridging the digital divide.

OUR COMMITMENT. EWIK is committed to demonstrating its leadership in the E-waste industry and overall environmental stewardship through the use of proven technology, and by establishing public-private partnerships and working cooperatively with our member communities. We also champion for proper E-waste management that is vital for public health, safe environment and strong economies. OUTCOMES TO BE ACHIEVED BY 2025 1. Reduce cost of e-waste management activities by 25-35%. 2. Reduce greenhouse emissions by over 20%. 3. Improve e-waste collection methods 4. Sustainable and innovative e-waste management practices. OUR TEAM Our team consists of dynamic and diverse workforce of highly skilled people working together to deliver excellent service to the community, it is composed of persons who have done electronic waste management for over a decade, with the experience required executing and delivering results. They have a personal connection to the e-waste problem we are solving, however, we lack the expertise to a few areas and we fill these gaps by hiring professionals. Our team is expanding depending on needs and skill set requirements.